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Google Analytics - Supported Facts

Audience Overview:

Site Content:

Goals Overview:

Events Overview:

Top Events:

Audience Behavior:

Acquisition Overview:

Ecommerce Overview:


Twitter - Supported Facts


NewRelic - Supported Facts

Monitoring Overview:


GitHub - Supported Facts




Graphs -> Contributors:

We also support the following GitStats facts:


Stripe - Supported Facts


Zendesk - Supported Facts


Socialmention - Supported Facts

Social media search and analysis.

Search results:


Jira and GreenHopper - Supported Facts

Projects -> Issues:

Search results:

Classic Planning Board:

Agile Board Plan tab:


Jenkins - Supported Facts

Build results:


Facebook - Supported Facts

Company Profile:

App Insights:

Page Insights:

Personal Profile:


YouTube - Supported Facts




SonarQube - Supported Facts



Campaign Monitor - Supported Facts


Subscriber List:


Pinterest - Supported Facts


Google+ - Supported Facts


Klout - Supported Facts


LinkedIn - Supported Facts

Company Page:

Group Page:

Member Page:


StatHat - Supported Facts


SauceLabs - Supported Facts


Google AdWords - Supported Facts


TestRail - Supported Facts


Pivotal Tracker - Supported Facts


Bamboo - Supported Facts

Test Results:

Plan Statistics:


Instagram - Supported Facts


MailChimp - Supported Facts

Campaign Overview:


loader.io - Supported Facts

Test Results:


Salesforce.com - Supported Facts


Basecamp - Supported Facts


Reddit - Supported Facts

Link Comments Page:


Google Drive - Supported Facts


Box - Supported Facts


Mixpanel - Supported Facts


SendGrid - Supported Facts

Global Marketing Email Stats:


Blogger - Supported Facts

Stats Overview:


Asana - Supported Facts


AngelList - Supported Facts


App Annie - Supported Facts


Pipedrive - Supported Facts


Eventbrite - Supported Facts

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Subscribe to data from all your cloud services without having to fill out forms.

Our browser plugin lets you simply click on the facts you need, right inside your dashboard. Account numbers, time ranges, and other filters are automatically applied based on your dashboard's current settings.

OAuth support ensures that your login accounts are never shared.

Reporting. Simplified.

Start with our summary dashboard to see which facts need attention and how your metrics are trending.

Filter by cloud service and metadata to get to the information you need.

Select several facts and graph them together for easy reporting.

Metrics Made Actionable

Collect, monitor, and report on your metrics so that you know when to take action.

Point-n-Click Data Collection

Choose metrics you need from your existing cloud dashboards. Our patent-pending browser plugin means no more daily cut-and-paste, no programming, and no IT support needed.

Powerful Monitoring

Combine facts from the same or multiple services to define your own custom metrics. Set and track target values. Set warning conditions and receive alerts.

Convenient Reporting

Monitor your progress through daily emails or your consolidated dashboard. Sharing charts and reports with your team is as easy as clicking a button.


Just the Facts already supports over 30 cloud services, and we are constantly expanding our offerings.
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Setting Targets and Alerts

Set a warning on a fact and be alerted when its value goes out of bounds. Set fact targets and chart your progress towards the target over time.

Combining Facts

Create new facts based on your existing facts. Sum facts together, calculate ratios, and track the day-to-day deltas.

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Chart current and historical values and compare facts to each other.

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Be alerted to unusual events and significant milestones.

Supported Services

Just the Facts already supports a wide range of services, and we are constantly expanding our offerings.

Don't see a service you're looking for? Just let us know.

All plans include a free trial period that lets you view the daily email report 30 times. Take a look at our different packages below or drop us a note at info@just-facts.co for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide my dashboard passwords to use Just the Facts?

No, Just the Facts does not require or store your password for the majority of its services. It uses either API keys or OAuth based authentication to make all API calls, meaning that you don't have to provide any passwords and that you can deactivate the keys and tokens if needed.

For services whose APIs require a username and password, the credentials are stored in encrypted format.

How much does Just the Facts cost?

Just the Facts costs $9.99 for a monthly subscription after the initial free trial period.

How often are fact values updated?

Currently, you can configure your facts to be updated once a day or once a week.

What if I am using a service that isn't supported yet?

Let us know! We are looking for feedback from our beta participants; please email us at help@just-facts.co to let us know the service you'd like us to support and the facts you need from the service.

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